February 4, 2021 News & Press Releases

DPVA Statement on Republicans In The U.S. Senate Delaying Crucial COVID-19 Relief Legislation

by Democratic Party of Virginia

As Republicans in the U.S. Senate attempt to stall President Biden's $1.9 Trillion COVID relief plan with a "vote-a-rama" procedure, DPVA Chair Susan Swecker released the following statement slamming their obstructionist tactics: 

“This is an unprecedented crisis that's killed more than 6,500 Virginians since March. The American Rescue Package that President Biden and congressional Democrats have passed treats it like one, with major investments to contain the virus, get vaccines in arms, and put a floor under our nation’s economic free-fall. Bipartisan majorities of Americans strongly support this plan - but Virginia Republicans and their allies in Washington are resorting to ridiculous acts of partisan obstruction like today’s vote-a-rama in the Senate. In times like these, all Virginians want is help for their communities, and they won’t forget who held up this package to support their own personal agendas.”