April 22, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

On Earth Day, DPVA Renews Call for Trump to Forgo Mar-a-Lago to Save Chesapeake Bay

by Katie Baker

RICHMOND, Va.- Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker today renewed her call for President Donald Trump to forgo his Mar-a-Lago vacations in order to save the Chesapeake Bay.

The president’s proposed budget would completely eliminate funding for the Chesapeake Bay Clean-Up Fund, which received $73 million under President Obama last year.

“President Trump has spent seven of his first fourteen weekends in office in Mar-a-Lago, costing hardworking taxpayers an estimated $25 million,” said Swecker. “That’s more than one-third of the Chesapeake Bay Clean-Up program’s annual funding, and we’re not even one hundred days into his presidency. Donald Trump is not looking out for our families or our future. While he will undoubtedly continue to enjoy pristine ocean views in Florida, we’ll be left with a ‘large, dead, and putrid body of water,’ here in Virginia. On this Earth Day, we again renew our call for Donald Trump to give up his Florida vacations until he can come up with a budget that protects the Chesapeake Bay.”

The Lynchburg News & Advance editorial board noted earlier this week that the $33 billion in economic activity that the Bay generates each year represents “jobs and livelihoods for thousands of fishermen and oystermen who keep alive a centuries-old Bay industry. Jobs for tens of thousands of people working in the tourism and real estate industries — after all, who wants to vacation or buy a home near a large, dead and putrid body of water?”