March 22, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Empty Ed: Refuses to Take Position on Trump Budget Cuts That Hurt Virginia

by Christina Freundlich

Ed Gillespie Refuses To Take Positions on Federal Budget Cuts, Trumpcare, Federal Hiring Freeze, Defunding Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, Ed Gillespie visited a Boys and Girls Club in York County. Boys and Girls Clubs across Virginia are at risk of losing federal funding under Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts, threatening the program and services they provide for children across the Commonwealth.

When asked to give comment on Trump’s budget and the impact it would have on programs like the Boys and Girls Club, Empty Ed refused to take a position:

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie campaigned around York County Tuesday, including a stop at a Boys & Girls Club site that may see funding cuts under President Donald Trump's proposed budget.

After meeting with club officials, and with educators from the charter school the club shares space with, Gillespie didn't take a hard position on Trump's proposed cuts.

This adds to the long list of issues that Ed Gillespie refuses to take a clear position on. He hasn’t given a straight answer on whether or not he supports the Trumpcare bill -- which is expected to come to a vote tomorrow -- the federal hiring freeze, whether he would have signed into law the General Assembly’s bill to defund Planned Parenthood, or the second proposed Muslim ban.

“Empty Ed is campaigning at organizations that are at risk for losing their funding under a Trump administration, but he won’t give an answer on whether or not he supports the cuts,” said DPVA spokeswoman Christina Freundlich. “He is acting like a typical Washington politician by refusing to take positions on challenging issues facing Virginians -- the Trump budget, his support of Trumpcare or whether or not he would support defunding Planned Parenthood. This type of hollow, no answer style of talking points is good for former lobbyists and DC insiders, but it has no place in the governor’s mansion.”