September 2, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Excerpts from Press Call on Republican Leaderships’ Latest Assaults on Restoration of Rights

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Earlier today, The Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) hosted a call with Congressman Bobby Scott, Senator and candidate for Virginia's 4th congressional district Donald McEachin, and Chairwoman Susan Swecker to discuss Virginia Republicans' politically-driven motion against Governor McAuliffe and proposed constitutional amendment that would permanently marginalize an entire class of Virginians.

Please find audio and excerpts from call below:


Congressman Bobby Scott: 

"It's been found that restoration of rights can actually reduce crime and when you bring people back into society they're less likely to commit future crimes. If you demonize them, it's just not helpful."

“Under the proposal, people like Bernie Madoff could get their rights restored and on the other hand a college kid who got into a bar fight would never be able to get his rights restored, ever.”

“People ought to be encouraging people to vote not denying them the right to vote, and I think the Republicans need to step up and acknowledge exactly what they’re doing. They are trying to win elections by denying people a vote.”

State Senator Donald McEachin: 

“This proposed constitutional amendment from Senator Norment would take away the hope of Virginians to ever participate in our democracy again — no matter how long ago the crime may have occurred, and no matter what they may have done after that crime. That’s unjust - and Republicans know it.”

“All the world religions talk about redemption and forgiveness, and the Republican Party prides itself on faith values, but time and time again we see instances like this which speak to the hypocrisy of their position.”

“It’s apparent that the Republicans will do whatever it takes to shut down Governor McAuliffe and to maintain one of the last vestiges of Jim Crow in Virginia.”

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker:

“This is a cynical and mean-spirited attack against human dignity and democracy itself.”

“This fight to restore voting rights is about ending a dark chapter in our Commonwealth’s history, to which Republicans fight tooth and nail to preserve.”

“Governor McAuliffe has been there every step of the way to refute their dangerous and divisive rhetoric - and he's not going stop fighting for them and their right to vote. That's the Terry McAuliffe way, and quite frankly, it's due time for it to become the Virginia way.”