September 25, 2020 News & Press Releases

#FlashbackFreitas: Delegate Freitas Refuses to Protect Virginians with Autism

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Virginians know that Delegate Nick Freitas can be forgetful. That's why it's useful to remind him of his previous extreme stances, statements, and votes. 

Today's reminder: Delegate Freitas has repeatedly and unapologetically voted against Virginians with autism.

Last year, Delegate Freitas was the SINGLE vote against legislation to extend health insurance coverage for treatment of autism for Virginians of all ages. And this year, Freitas cast the LONE vote against an initiative to expand insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism. 

JUST THIS WEEK, Freitas DOUBLED DOWN on these extreme votes during one of his infamous basement live streams.

"All they're doing is they're saying that if you have an insurance plan, and it doesn't cover autism, that insurance plan is now illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia," said Freitas. "I don't think that's the appropriate way to go about helping kids with autism."

"Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly came together to agree that health insurers shouldn't be able to discriminate against Virginians with autism. But as he's done before, Nick Freitas sided with the insurance companies over his constituents. When he had the chance to recognize the day-to-day challenges and financial hardships of those living with autism spectrum disorder, Freitas chose to be the lone vote against strengthening their health care protections not once, but twice," said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox. 

The 2019 legislation, which removed the age cap for autism health coverage, expanded access for nearly 10,000 Virginians living with autism.