April 16, 2021 News & Press Releases

Fourteen Years After Virginia Tech Massacre, DPVA and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Reflect on Progress and the Work Ahead

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — April 16th marks the 14th Anniversary of the horrific Virginia Tech shooting. This tragic anniversary is a day of remembrance and reflection — and yet another reminder of the urgent need for action to stop gun violence. With every Republican running for governor taking a hardline stance in opposition to even the most common sense gun safety reforms, the historic progress Virginia has made will be on the ballot in November.

On the eve of the 14th Anniversary of the Virginia Tech Shooting, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Democratic Party of Virginia released the following statements. 

Statement from Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Virginia State Director Lori Haas:

“On the 14th anniversary of the horrific shooting at Virginia Tech, I stand with so many across the Commonwealth in remembrance and solidarity with the families whose loved ones were shot and killed that tragic day. As we reflect on the horrific shooting at Virginia Tech, we also know that the pain and suffering caused by gun violence is far too familiar to countless families and communities across our commonwealth every single day.

We must renew our commitment to honoring the victims of gun violence with continued action. Democrats in Virginia have recently made important progress in the fight against gun violence, but the work ahead remains as important as ever. 

On this day, one thing is clear: our next governor must be committed to ending gun violence. Anyone who is not -- any one of the politicians who stand with extreme groups such as the NRA -- does not belong anywhere near the governorship. We will fight their attempts to take Virginia backwards every step of the way.”

Statement from Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Andrew Whitley:

"As a Virginia Tech graduate, I'll never forget the tragedy our community experienced fourteen years ago today. In the years since the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, countless other communities and families across our Commonwealth and our country have been shattered by the gun violence epidemic.  

Over the past few years, Democrats in Virginia have responded with action, passing crucial gun safety measures supported by a majority of Virginians. Today, as we reflect on one of the most devastating shootings in our history, we are reminded that the fight against gun violence continues on. With the far-right Republicans running for governor campaigning on opposition to even the most common sense policies, they are constantly reminding Virginians just how much is at stake this November.”