March 23, 2018 News & Press Releases

General Assembly Passes Resolution Naming Third Week of March Women Veterans Week

by DPVA Press Office

RICHMOND, Va. – Both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly have passed Delegate Kathleen Murphy’s joint resolution that designates the third week of March Women Veterans Week in Virginia.

The resolution is effective beginning in 2018 and for all subsequent years.

“Virginia is home to more than 100,000 women veterans who are members of our communities and have distinguished themselves by their service in the armed forces,” said Delegate Murphy. “Women are the fastest growing segment of the veteran population, and they face unique challenges both in the military and when they transition to civilian life. Women Veterans Week celebrates our women veterans, but it also signifies our commitment to supporting them here in the Commonwealth.”

Delegate Murphy will host a series of round tables around the Commonwealth, with the initial event taking place in Northern Virginia during Women Veterans Week. The round tables will inform women veterans of the resources available to them and will encourage them to take advantage of those resources.

“Working with these veterans, I’ve realized that women don’t always see themselves as deserving of the resources that they are entitled to,” Delegate Murphy said. “These women are heroes but don’t see themselves that way. It’s important that they know about the services that are available to them, and I’m honored to help connect them with those services.”

Delegate Murphy is a member of the Board of Veterans Services, where she heads the Women’s Veterans Committee.