April 13, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin Comes Out Against Infrastructure Investments

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Do the other Republican candidates for governor agree?

Richmond, VA — In a recent interview, Glenn Youngkin attacked the Biden administration’s proposal to invest in America, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and help create millions of good jobs to strengthen the economy. In Youngkin’s view, this urgent priority is “irresponsible” and nothing more than “big spending.”

Virginia has a clear need for infrastructure investment. Over 2,000 miles of highway and over 500 bridges are in need of repair. Roughly one in ten Virginians live in areas without adequate broadband access. Virginia’s drinking water infrastructure will require $18 billion in repairs over the next 20 years. While the American Jobs Plan provides funding to address all these problems, Youngkin stands opposed to these critical investments. 

This comes immediately on the heels of Youngkin’s hardline opposition to the popular and vital COVID-19 relief in the American Rescue Plan, which he believes “absolutely is wrong.” Despite opposing relief for Virginians, Glenn Youngkin has a history of looking out for himself. During the Trump administration, his company lobbied aggressively to protect a key corporate tax loophole.

“At every turn, Glenn Youngkin has made clear that he will always put himself, his Republican allies, and his wealthy donors ahead of Virginia,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “If Youngkin has his way, he and his corporate insider friends will continue to enjoy massive tax breaks while refusing to fix Virginia’s highways and bridges, invest in high-speed broadband, and ensure access to clean drinking water. 

Youngkin has made it clear where he stands. Now, his GOP opponents must explain whether they also oppose common sense infrastructure investments Virginia desperately needs.”