June 23, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin Cowers in Fear of Debating Terry McAuliffe

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Youngkin attacked candidates who “selectively chose” not to show up to debates before selectively choosing to hide from debates

Richmond, VA — Glenn Youngkin’s stunning fear of debating Terry McAuliffe reached new heights this week when his campaign refused to accept a single new debate invitation. While Terry has accepted five invitations and looks forward to discussing the most important issues facing Virginia, Youngkin is still hiding.

Just a few weeks ago, however, Youngkin was singing a very different tune. When asked about debating back in March, Youngkin believed that “all interaction with the candidates is helpful.” In April, Youngkin attacked his Republican opponents for not participating in forums — criticizing that “some of the other candidates have selectively chosen not to show up.” Youngkin then asked what that says about those candidates’ leadership: “will they show up?” 

This is yet another example of Youngkin saying one thing and then doing another to try and get elected — just like his dear leader Donald Trump.

“As Youngkin cowers in fear of being asked about his extreme Republican agenda and complete allegiance to Donald Trump, Virginians are waiting for answers,” said DPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder. “Youngkin should immediately accept the five debate invitations Terry McAuliffe has accepted in order to get on stage and answer for his extreme, out-of-touch views. His failure to do so is further proof that he is wrong for Virginia.”