July 12, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin is Still Cowering in Fear of Debating Terry McAuliffe

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Youngkin still refusing to participate in time-honored Virginia Bar Association debate

Richmond, VA — Since 1985, every single Republican and Democratic nominee for governor of Virginia has participated in a Virginia Bar Association debate. Now, due to one man’s cowardice, this time-honored exchange of ideas and visions for the commonwealth is in jeopardy. 

In response to out-of-touch billionaire Glenn Youngkin still not agreeing to the VBA debate, DPVA released the following statement from spokesperson Manuel Bonder:

“It’s shameful and embarrassing that Glenn Youngkin is still ducking this time-honored debate -- but frankly, it’s unsurprising. Just last week, Glenn admitted on camera that he is lying to voters about his far-right agenda to ban abortion and defund Planned Parenthood. He is clearly unprepared and unwilling to defend his dangerous beliefs and his complete allegiance to Donald Trump.

"Youngkin simply lacks the courage to stand on stage with Terry because he knows his views are out of step with Virginians. Virginia deserves a governor with the track record and plans to keep moving the commonwealth forward -- not one who can’t even handle the pressure of defending his toxic ideas.”