June 9, 2021 News & Press Releases

Glenn Youngkin’s Lies Cannot Mask the Fact that Virginians Are Fired Up to Beat Him in November

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Over 300,000 Virginians voted for Terry McAuliffe. Glenn Youngkin Won His Nomination With Under 7,000 Votes.

Richmond, VA — Last night, Terry McAuliffe decisively won a robust, high turnout Democratic primary. Yesterday’s results are a testament to the fact that Virginia Democrats are motivated, unified, and ready to take on Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate, Glenn Youngkin. 

After he won every locality in the commonwealth and earned over 60% of the vote, it is clear that voters are unified behind Terry’s campaign. The strong turnout in the Democratic primary -- with over 486,000 Virginians participating -- stands in stark contrast to Virginia Republicans’ rigged convention. 

The GOP’s disastrous, rigged convention drew under 30,000 voters, and over 20,000 GOP delegates never bothered to show up. Youngkin desperately tried to bemoan low turnout in the Democratic primary, seemingly forgetting that he became the Republican nominee only after buying enough support to win with only 7,000 weighted votes. Former GOP Congressman Denver Riggleman was clear in his view of the GOP’s disastrous convention, saying that:

“You’re to a point of insanity when you’re saying that less than 1 percent of the electorate participating in a convention or nominating process is deemed a success.”

As noted in a new Washington Post opinion today:

"Virginia’s Democratic primary election for statewide races on Tuesday revealed a dramatic contrast between the two major parties. Republicans decided not to conduct a primary election, instead opting for a bizarre, drive-through convention last month that drew only 30,000 votes. Democrats’ gubernatorial primary turned out 486,000, an impressive figure considering the race was not competitive."