January 18, 2024 News & Press Releases

GOP Senate Candidate Scott Parkinson Calls For Government Shutdown, Will Fellow GOP #VASen Candidates Stay Silent While Their Political Party Threatens Virginia? 

by DPVA Press

Government Shutdown Would Have Devastating Consequences For Virginia 

Richmond, VA – As a Republican-manufactured government shutdown looms, GOP Senate Candidate Scott Parkinson chimed in to support a shutdown despite the devastating consequences for Virginia, including it as a "key vote” in a Club for Growth scorecard and encouraging other U.S. Senators to support a reckless shutdown. So, do his fellow GOP Senate candidates agree with Parkinson or will they refuse to condemn extreme MAGA Republicans while they play political games with the livelihoods of Virginia families?  

“A Republican-manufactured shutdown would have huge consequences for Virginia including hundreds of thousands of active-duty military members and federal employees who would go without pay,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “While MAGA extremist Scott Parkinson has made clear that he would play partisan politics with the livelihood of active-duty service members, Virginians deserve to know whether the GOP Senate candidates support a Republican-manufactured shutdown or if they will refuse to condemn the extreme MAGA Republicans who are playing games with the well-being of Virginia families.” 

Here’s what a Republican-manufactured shutdown would mean for Virginia:  

  • 129,400 active-duty military members would not receive pay;  
  • 140,000 civilian federal employees would go without pay
  • Many Virginia families, including 127,000 women, infants, and children, would lose access to healthy food; 
  • Virginia small businesses would lose an estimated $2.1 million in financing per day.