April 2, 2021 News & Press Releases

GOP Week in Review: Trumpian Lies, Brutal Accusations, and More Far Right Extremism

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — This week, Virginia Republicans dove further into the brutal infighting and dangerous extremism that has defined the chaotic GOP primary. From the dangerous, unhinged commitment to Donald Trump’s most deranged lies and conspiracy theories, to new public allegations of rigging and fraud, this was a big week for Virginia Republicans’ showcasing just how far off the deep end they have gone. 

Without further ado, here’s the GOP week in review.

Virginia Republicans Running on Donald Trump’s Election Lies

While the Virginia GOP’s complete allegiance to Donald Trump has been abundantly clear throughout the primary, new reporting this week showed just how hopelessly attached Virginia Republicans are to Trump’s deranged election conspiracy theories. As reported by Reuters, Donald Trump’s false stolen-election claim looms large over the GOP primary:

Judging from the crowded field of seven Republican hopefuls vying for that seat, former President Donald Trump still looms large and could well determine the outcome.

Most have not disavowed the false narrative put out by Trump that he lost to Democrat Joe Biden because of voter fraud. [...] Fealty to Trump is emerging as a litmus test for Republican hopefuls looking to appeal to the former president’s devoted base to win next month’s nominating battle.

Unfortunately for Virginia Republicans, this week, a statewide audit overwhelmingly confirmed Virginia’s election results. 

Amanda Chase Ramps Up Threat to Run as an Independent

This week, Amanda Chase continued her repeated threats to run as an independent if she is not the Republican nominee as a result of a rigged process. First, Chase said that: 

“If it’s a fair process, heck, I’ll support the nominee. If it’s not fair, I’ll run as an independent… I’ve already collected my signatures to do that.”

Then, Chase took her threats a step further — railing directly against Republican Pete Snyder and his campaign’s continuous efforts to rig the GOP primary. Chase accused Snyder of paying off GOP officials, and went on to say that if Snyder is the Republican nominee, she will run as an independent.

Amanda Chase: What I'm telling you is that if Pete Snyder is chosen as the nominee, I will probably run as an independent, because his campaign — and other campaigns feel this as well, they're just not willing to be as vocal as I am — it is Pete Snyder's campaign that is running a rigged election. 

Kirk Cox Shows Far Right Commitment to Voter Suppression

As Virginia takes historic strides forward in the fight to protect voting rights, extreme conservative Kirk Cox is demonstrating an outspoken desire to turn back the clock. As reported by The New York Times:

Alone among the states of the former Confederacy, Virginia has become a voting rights bastion, increasingly encouraging its citizens — especially people of color — to exercise their democratic rights. [...]

Virginia, which for nearly 50 years had to submit changes to its elections to the federal government for approval under the Voting Rights Act’s preclearance requirements, has now effectively imposed the same covenants on itself, an extraordinary step for a state with a long history of segregation and racially targeted voting laws.

Kirk Cox voted against the Virginia Voting Rights Act and has a long history of opposing protections to voting rights. This week, amid Virginia’s historic progress, Cox voiced his opposition to voting rights protections, saying that he wants Virginia to “go further” than Georgia’s draconian voter suppression law.

Cox was condemned by the Virginia NAACP, who unequivocally stated that “we need to make voting easier — not harder.” Cox then doubled down on his extreme support for Georgia’s law — showing exactly why voting rights remain on the ballot in Virginia this year. 

A Terrified Pete Snyder Hides in Fear of Amanda Chase

After being pilloried and accused of shamelessly rigging the GOP primary for himself by Amanda Chase, Pete Snyder is in hiding. He has failed to answer questions about his campaign’s lies and shenanigans in this primary, even as the scrutiny grows with nearly one month until the Republican convention.

Snyder either has something to hide, or he’s too afraid of Amanda Chase and her voters to speak up for himself. Either option is an embarrassment — and both are a testament to the fact that Snyder is completely unfit to lead Virginia.