February 13, 2023 News & Press Releases

Gov. Youngkin’s Admin Opposes Bill to Safeguard Women from Prosecution for Seeking Reproductive Healthcare

by Democratic Party of Virginia

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Youngkin administration announced its support for allowing search warrants to be used to access a woman’s sensitive menstrual health data, by verbally opposing SB 852 in a House committee hearing this afternoon before it was killed by House Republicans.

The bill, which the Youngkin administration advocated against, would have prohibited the issuance of a search warrant for electronically stored menstrual health data. This legislation has been widely supported by women’s health and pro-choice advocacy groups over fears that apps used by women to track their menstrual cycles could be used as evidence against her if she were to be charged with a crime for seeking reproductive healthcare.

This comes after Governor Youngkin introduced a budget in which the administration sought money earmarked for the prosecution and incarceration of women who seek abortions, and for the doctors who provide them.

“Governor Youngkin’s eagerness to imprison women and doctors for seeking and providing reproductive care is a dangerous step,” said Democratic Party of Virginia Press Secretary, Liam Watson. “It is exceptionally disquieting to see Governor Youngkin oppose a bill that would protect women from having their private health data weaponized against them in a court of law.”