September 8, 2022 News & Press Releases

Governor Youngkin Touts Federal Funds From Biden’s American Rescue Plan; Forgets He Opposed It

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Youngkin – The American Rescue Plan was “Unnecessary” and “Absolutely Wrong”

Richmond, VA – This morning Governor Youngkin's hypocrisy hit an all-time high. Today in Chesterfield County, Governor Youngkin celebrated the millions of dollars in federal funding for the Richmond/Petersburg region made possible by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan – a plan he opposed. 

In a press release this morning, Governor Youngkin touted the investment calling it a “transformational step forward”  and an “incredible boost to our economy.”

While Governor Youngkin was taking a victory lap, he forgets to mention that this investment was made possible by the Build Back Better Regional Challenge which was an integral part of the American Rescue Plan. The same American Rescue Plan that every Virginia Republican in Congress voted against and Governor Youngkin attacked – calling it “unnecessary” and “absolutely wrong.” 

Well, Governor, do you think the American Rescue Plan is absolutely wrong now? 

“It’s despicable to see Governor Youngkin taking credit for something he was strongly opposed to,” said DPVA spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “What Governor Youngkin should be doing is thanking President Biden and Virginia Democrats for delivering the American Rescue Plan and fighting for these crucial funds.”