October 21, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Do Hampton Roads Republicans Stand By Donald Trump?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Tomorrow, Donald Trump is set to campaign in Virginia Beach in yet another desperate attempt to gain ground in our Commonwealth. This comes on the tails of Trump's unwillingness to accept the results of the upcoming election, which undermines the core of our American democracy.

Will Hampton Roads Republicans stand by a man that threatens to assault the integrity of our elections and democracy?

These Republicans have done little to reassure their constituents that they are standing on the right side of history, i.e. the side that will repudiate Trump's dangerous implications. Will they show up at tomorrow's rally?

  • Del. David Yancey (94th District)
  • Del. Rob Bloxom (100th District)
  • Del. Rob Villaneuva (21st District)
  • Norman D. Holcomb, (Candidate, 85th District)

"We have eighteen days until the election, and it's inconceivable to think that Republicans in Hampton Roads aren't candid about their plans to support a presidential candidate. After everything that Donald Trump has said and done, it's past time for these Republicans to come clean about where they stand on him and his dangerous candidacy," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia.