February 9, 2018 News & Press Releases

Happy Birthday Governor McAuliffe!

by DPVA Press Office

Governor McAuliffe,

The GREATEST Democrats in the GREATEST Commonwealth in the GREATEST nation on earth wish you the HAPPIEST birthday in the history of birthdays.

To celebrate the man who did the absolute MOST of everything and anything, we wanted to share some numbers from your unforgettable four years as Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia......

57% approval rating upon leaving office

56% of Virginians who believe Commonwealth headed in right direction under Governor McAuliffe’s leadership

200,000+ new jobs created in Virginia during McAuliffe Administration

5.4% to 3.7% -- decline of VA's unemployment rate during Governor McAuliffe's tenure

1100 economic development projects Governor McAuliffe brought to Virginia

120 bills vetoed, all upheld. Most by any governor in VA history

12 million more school meals per year served in Virginia thanks to the work of Dorothy and Terry McAuliffe

30,000 veterans hired through the Virginia Values Veterans program boosted by Governor McAuliffe

172,000+ Virginians who had their voting rights restored. Governor McAuliffe restored voting rights to more people than any governor in United States history

1 leader on August 12, 2017 that came to Charlottesville and told the racists and bigots to “go home”

Thank you for everything, Governor.
The Democratic Party of Virginia