October 18, 2021 News & Press Releases

“He Will Do Everything We Want”: Donald Trump Reminds Virginia that Glenn Youngkin Will Implement His Right-Wing Agenda

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA –– Donald Trump reminded Virginians last week that Glenn Youngkin will “do all the things we want a governor to do” and implement an extreme agenda that bans abortion and advances dangerous right-wing conspiracy theories. 

Since launching his campaign, Glenn has been all-in on Donald Trump and his dangerous agenda. He began his campaign with an “election integrity task force,” which he has called the “most important issue” in this campaign. He has spent months lying about the 2020 election, calling for an “audit” to cast doubt on Virginia’s election results and is committed to the hardline Republican agenda of restricting voting rights.

This weekend, The New York Times highlighted Youngkin and his supporters’ continued embrace of Donald Trump and his dangerous election conspiracy theories. Youngkin has said  election integrity is his top priority and said Trump represents “so much of why I’m running.”

Trump promised Virginians last week that Glenn will implement his agenda in Virginia, which includes banning abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood. Terry McAuliffe has been — and will always be — a brick wall against extreme GOP attacks on reproductive rights in Virginia, Glenn Youngkin and his right-wing allies will stop at nothing to drag the Commonwealth backwards.

See below for excerpts on coverage of Glenn Youngkin and Donald Trump’s extreme agenda for Virginia. 

The New York Times: Glenn Youngkin Talks About Virginia. His Base Talks About Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump, in his telephone address, said, “I hope Glenn gets in there and straightens out Virginia.” [...]

Last month, Mr. Youngkin said he would have voted to certify the 2020 election results, after previously refusing to answer the question. Mr. Youngkin’s campaign said at the time that he “has repeatedly said that Joe Biden was legitimately elected and that there was no significant fraud in Virginia’s 2020 election. [...]

There has been no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, and multiple state agencies and legislatures have repeatedly disproved Mr. Trump’s claims of a rigged election. However, at the event, attendees said in interviews that they believed Mr. Youngkin stood with them in their efforts to overturn the election and to oppose the Democratic agenda. [...]

NBC News: First Read: Trump takes center stage in Virginia governor's race

“It all began when Trump called into a Steve Bannon-headlined event Wednesday in Virginia for Youngkin, in which attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag supposedly used at the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

On Thursday, Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe demanded Youngkin to disavow that Jan. 6 flag, and McAuliffe’s campaign even produced a TV ad on Trump’s words praising Youngkin at the event.

Associated Press: Delicate GOP dance for Trump, Youngkin in Virginia gov race

“What Youngkin is trying to do is he’s attempting to maintain the MAGA base while absorbing the suburban defectors from the Democrats. And that’s tough,” said Holsworth. [...]

“Here’s why Glenn Youngkin is going to win: We’re holding the Trump base together by a thread,” he said. ”Glenn Youngkin and this campaign has never abandoned the core principles that are important to Trump voters, not one day.” [...]