June 4, 2021 News & Press Releases

ICYMI: Democratic Leaders Highlight Glenn Youngkin’s Dangerous Agenda in Charlottesville

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA — Today, DPVA held a press conference with Democratic leaders to highlight Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia GOP’s extreme agenda and discuss what is at stake in this year’s elections. While Democrats are running on a strong record of expanding Medicaid and leading Virginia out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Glenn Youngkin is threatening to gut Virginians’ health care, block critical economic relief, and advance Donald Trump’s dangerous election conspiracy theories.

Today in Charlottesville, DPVA and Democratic leaders once again highlighted the case against Glenn Youngkin and illustrated the contrast with the strong Democratic record. See below for key excerpts and watch the full conversation here.

DPVA Chair Susan Swecker

“As we emerge from this global pandemic, it is Democratic leadership that is putting shots in arms and charting a path to a stronger post-COVID economy. Over two-thirds of Virginia adults have received a vaccine, and the latest jobs report today shows us on a path towards a strong recovery.”

“Youngkin has spent the last month dodging basic questions about his record and hiding from Virginia voters. But we know exactly where he stands. He’s refused to say where he would separate himself from Donald Trump. And when it comes to key issues like reproductive rights and gun safety, Youngkin has staked out extreme positions, opposing the progress Democrats have made that a majority of Virginians support.”

Senator Creigh Deeds

“The stakes in this year’s elections could not be higher. Affordable health care for hundreds of thousands of Virginians, legislation to protect Virginians’ civil rights, worker protections that keep frontline workers safe, and so much more are all at risk if Republicans win.”

“Youngkin has called Medicaid expansion ‘a sad thing.’ While 550,000 Virginians have access to affordable health care because of Medicaid expansion, he’s standing opposed to it.”

“Youngkin has called the American Rescue Plan ‘unnecessary.’ While millions of Virginians got direct checks, parents are getting an increase in the child tax credit, small businesses got grants to keep the lights on, and Virginia’s schools are set to get a $2 billion funding increase, Youngkin opposed the bill.”

“We have come too far to allow Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate anywhere near the governor’s office.”

Delegate Sally Hudson

“Across the country we have seen chaos in other states in trying to settle the 2020 election but not here in Virginia, and that’s because of all the work that we’ve done in Richmond to protect our elections and to expand access to the ballot box. And we have to have a governor in the next four years who will continue that work because we understand right here in Charlottesville just how dangerous it is to flirt with the big lie that Donald Trump has perpetuated all across the country.” 

“We know that undermining elections foments violence...We know that the very same people who showed up [on January 6] found their roots at the Unite The Right rally right here in Charlottesville...We know that we can’t allow anyone to perpetuate that lie and we have to be absolutely clear that if you don’t respect elections, you don’t deserve to serve.” 

Education advocate and Charlottesville High School parent Bekah Saxon

“COVID laid bare the results of the state’s chronic underfunding of our schools during the years the GOP had the majority in the General Assembly. Democrats have responded to these challenges with action. They raised teacher pay in this year's budget. They allocated more than $100 million for rural broadband expansion. And at the national level Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress passed the American Rescue Plan which will allocate $2 billion to Virginia's public schools.” 

“But Glenn Youngkin and Republicans stand opposed to these efforts. Youngkin called the American Rescue Plan ‘unnecessary’, and his plans for Virginia's schools would take our commonwealth backwards. Glenn Youngkin has spoken out against investing in our education infrastructure. He has spoken out against plans to bring our curriculum into the 21st century. And, he has opposed measures aimed at stopping LGBTQ discrimination in our schools.”

“Youngkin has even gone on the record to oppose the very foundation of public education, railing against what he calls ‘mandated equal education.’”