September 7, 2022 News & Press Releases

ICYMI: Maine Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Virginia Hold Press Call Ahead of LePage/Youngkin Campaign Event

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA – Today, the Maine Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of Virginia held a joint press call on Governor Glenn Youngkin’s trip to Lewiston, Maine to campaign for Paul LePage.

Virginia Democratic Party Chairwoman Susan Swecker, Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine, Virginia Democratic House Leader Don Scott and Maine State Senator Anne Carney delivered remarks slamming Governor Youngkin for campaigning for an unabashed racist Paul LePage and highlighted their terrible records on abortion.

“It’s bad enough [Youngkin] is on his nationwide presidential tour, but to make matters worse, he’s standing shoulder to shoulder with a man who has made blatantly racist comments,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “So while Glenn Youngkin sets off to win enough Trump primary voters to be considered his Boss’ Vice Presidential nominee in 2024, we are standing together with our friends in Maine to make sure that both Mainers, and the nation, know that those divisive politics have no home in the future we’re building together.”

“There is more in common between the two [Youngkin and LePage] than meets the eye. Namely, they are both far-right extremists who are pushing policies that threaten the fundamental freedoms of the people in their states,” said Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine. “Make no mistake—if he’s given the chance, he will follow in Youngkin’s footsteps. He knows it’s not what Maine people want, but he doesn’t care. We cannot let him take away our rights."

“It’s disrespectful to the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia that Governor Youngkin would feel comfortable going to campaign with [LePage]...he is running towards extremism, and radicalism, and this attack on people like myself—people of color,” said Virginia House Minority Leader Don Scott (D-Portsmouth). “I’m hopeful that the people of Maine will reject this radicalism, and I’m hopeful that the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia will just ask the governor to come home to do the job he was elected to do only eight months ago.”

“The risk of losing our rights is real. On November 8th, we’ll either re-elect a staunch defender of reproductive rights or we’ll return to the Blaine House a man who claims he doesn’t have time to talk about abortion,” said Maine State Senator Anne Carney (D-Cumberland). “We all deserve to know whether our governor will turn back the clock on Mainers’ rights, reproductive privacy, and abortion care. We all deserve to have our rights protected.”