April 27, 2021 News & Press Releases

ICYMI: Virginia Leaders Discuss Critical Infrastructure Priorities, Unconscionable GOP Opposition to Investing in America

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today the Democratic Party of Virginia held a virtual press conference with Virginia leaders to discuss the significant economic impact President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will have on the Commonwealth and highlight the dangers of Republican opposition to critical infrastructure investment. 

With poor transit infrastructure weakening the economy, a lack of broadband access widening disparities between urban and rural Virginians, and the threat of climate change demanding immediate action, Democrats have a plan to combat these challenges and create millions of good-paying jobs. Polling shows the American Jobs Plan has broad bipartisan support, yet Virginia Republicans continue to oppose it, demonstrating again how their far-right extremism is out of touch with Virginians’ values. 

Read key excerpts below and see here for a full video of this conversation.

Congressman Don Beyer

“The failure to rebuild our crumbling transportation infrastructure has a real cost that’s reflected in more expensive goods and services and additional lost opportunities...The Biden-Harris administration is really serious about solving this problem. And at long last they have put forward the American Jobs Plan to actually get it done. This plan would pave the way to an upgraded 21st century infrastructure and create millions of good paying jobs while addressing the climate crisis. [...]

As I look at the state of the economy right now, I see a rocket ship fueled up and ready to take off thanks to vaccinations, thanks to the American Rescue Plan, and thanks to the infrastructure plan we are going forward with...There are tons of investments that Republicans want and will probably take credit for helping pass after the fact that they’re also saying that they shouldn’t count as infrastructure...The true issue for them is they see the polling, and they see that Joe Biden is overwhelmingly approved for his handling of the pandemic.” 

Delegate Delores McQuinn

“It is after decades of disinvestment that our country's roads, bridges, and water systems are falling apart. Our electric grid is vulnerable to catastrophic outages, too many lack access to affordable, high-speed internet, and to quality housing...This is where President Biden’s American Jobs Plan comes in...President Biden's American Jobs Plan will build on that progress, making critical investments in roads, bridges, railroads, and public transit infrastructure across Virginia to make our roads safer and grow our economy. 

We are not just building for today — we are building for our future.”

Farmville native Taikein Cooper

"When I think about my own experiences, and when I think about people in my community — the thing that we truly say is: stop playing politics...Here’s an opportunity for you to truly invest in Americans. When we think about education, when we think about the job force — broadband is a huge barrier. And unfortunately, in rural Virginia, that barrier is becoming catastrophic.

When we talk about the American Jobs Plan, we're just saying hey, let’s put Americans first...I think this is an amazing opportunity to make an investment in all Virginians — and as the Congressman said, this isn’t a Democratic or a Republican thing; this is an American thing. All of us want this, and we see this as an amazing opportunity to truly enhance the lives of so many."

DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox

“It’s unconscionable that we’ve seen such strong opposition to this from Virginia Republicans, especially those running for governor. For example, Glenn Youngkin recently slammed this plan as ‘irresponsible,’ but that’s just backwards. Refusing to repair our roads is irresponsible. Refusing to invest in affordable housing is what's irresponsible. Failing to adapt our energy system to stop climate change — that's what is irresponsible. 

We can’t allow Republican opposition to this bill get in the way between Virginians and a stronger economy. So Democrats are stepping up to the plate to address these challenges.”