June 13, 2021 News & Press Releases

If It’s Sunday: Democrats Highlight Record of Success, Youngkin Doubles Down on His Extreme Agenda

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — This morning on Fox 5’s On The Hill, DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker delivered a clear and forceful contrast between Terry McAuliffe and Trump lackey Glenn Youngkin. While Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats are focused on lifting up all Virginians and building a better future for communities across the commonwealth, Glenn Youngkin is running on his complete allegiance to Donald Trump and advancing an extreme Republican agenda.

After Terry McAuliffe’s decisive primary victory sent Youngkin into a far-right tailspin all week, things only got worse this Sunday morning. Youngkin was pressed on his extreme agenda and total loyalty to Donald Trump, and he took every opportunity to remind voters that he is wrong for Virginia. During his appearance on the program, Youngkin:

  • Reiterated his complete support for Donald Trump and attacked Barack Obama
  • Doubled down on his anti-reproductive rights agenda
  • Clarified his total fealty to the NRA and desire to put more guns into our communities
  • Reminded Virginians that he opposes our Democratic-led economic recovery

Meanwhile, Chairwoman Swecker highlighted what Terry McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats are fighting for. See below for key excerpts from DPVA Chair Susan Swecker’s appearance, and watch the full interview here.

On Democratic Enthusiasm for Terry McAuliffe  

“We've been having primaries in Virginia for 20 years now, and you're able to reach out to voters in every nook and cranny of the commonwealth — and that's the reason that we had almost half a million people vote. When you look at the Republicans, their nomination was decided by a handful of party insiders — 30,000 people. In fact, 10,000 people decided that extremist Glenn Youngkin was going to be their nominee.

I think it is very worth noting that this was a resounding victory for Terry McAuliffe — he won every locality in the Commonwealth of Virginia, he got more votes than anybody has ever gotten in a primary in Virginia, and people are fired up.”

On Democratic Success and Progress in Virginia

“If you look at this record of Democratic success and moving Virginia forward that we have had: Medicaid expansion, 550,000 Virginians now have access to health care; minimum wage increase; pay for essential workers; voting rights — making voting easier and accessible. Those are things that have been put into place that Glenn Youngkin and his ticket want to take us back.”

On The Democratic-Led Fight to Stop Gun Violence

“Virginia Democrats support common sense gun legislation — and that's where the mainstream of Virginia is. Terry McAuliffe was and is proud to receive an F rating from the NRA. Glenn Youngkin has made it very clear that he stands with the NRA and putting more guns on the streets. We think that would be taking us back into the wrong place. The mainstream of Virginia is with us and for common sense gun legislation.”