December 5, 2019 News & Press Releases

“I’m embarrassed for you”: Loudoun County Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall calls out GOP hypocrisy on “Second Amendment Sanctuaries”

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Last night during a meeting of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Chair of the Board Phyllis Randall delivered a passionate speech calling out her Republican colleagues for supporting a "Second Amendment Sanctuary" resolution. Refusing to take off her Moms Demand Action pin, Randall laid bare the GOP supervisors' hypocrisy of deferring to the General Assembly only when it served their political needs.  

Watch the video of her speech here via Blue Virginia. 

Highlights From Her Speech: 

"I am embarrassed for you. The amount of times you have come to us and said, 'you cannot bring these issues because the General Assembly is going to vote on them, and we shouldn’t speak to them because it’s a General Assembly issue'"

"You all have told us over and over again not to bring issues that the General Assembly is going to vote on. This is no different and every single one of you know it. The amount of twisting and turning you’re doing to make this ok is embarrassing; it absolutely is."

"It’s a General Assembly issue, it’s not a local issue. Again, I put up a resolution to have control over our own land and what sits on that land and you all voted that down because you said it was a state issue…You are all twisting yourself in pretzels to say yes to this."