May 17, 2021 News & Press Releases

In Glenn Youngkin, Virginia Republicans Have Nominated a Trump Loyalist With a Far-Right Agenda

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Youngkin: “Trump represents so much of why I’m running”

Richmond, VA — Last week, a small group of Virginia GOP insiders selected their nominee for governor: pro-Trump extremist Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin emerged from the chaotic, divisive Republican convention by running a far-right campaign based on his loyalty to Donald Trump and by aligning himself with the likes of Ted Cruz and Corey Stewart. 

Now, Youngkin has clarified that he’s running on complete allegiance to Trump and the former president’s disastrous policies.

WRIC“8News asked Youngkin twice if he would separate himself from President Trump in any areas. He didn’t provide any examples. While he denounced the attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, he didn’t directly blame Trump for inciting the violence.”

Youngkin has repeatedly said that he is “honored” to have received Donald Trump’s endorsement and is now telling Virginians that “Trump represents so much of why I'm running.” While many questions about Youngkin’s record and extreme agenda remain unanswered, he has wasted no time demonstrating that he’s too extreme for Virginia. Youngkin’s agenda consists of:

  • Attacking Medicaid expansion and opposing efforts to protect the Affordable Care Act.
  • Opposing critical COVID-19 relief for working families and small businesses.
  • Obstructing efforts to invest in America’s future and rebuild Virginia’s infrastructure.
  • Advancing Donald Trump’s dangerous election lies and restricting voting rights.
  • Fighting to rip away reproductive rights and opposing the right to choose. 
  • Threatening LGBTQ rights and equality. 

“Glenn Youngkin’s commitment to Donald Trump’s dangerous policies tells Virginians everything they need to know about him,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “From threatening to gut Virginians’ health care, to opposing critical COVID-19 relief, to advancing Trump’s dangerous election lies in order to restrict voting rights, Youngkin’s hardline Republican agenda would be devastating for the Commonwealth. Virginians have repeatedly rejected Donald Trump and his allies -- and this November, they will once again.”