July 19, 2021 News & Press Releases

It’s Debate Week in Virginia…

by Democratic Party of Virginia

...If Glenn Youngkin Weren’t a Coward

Richmond, VA — This week, Virginians were set to witness the first gubernatorial debate of the cycle -- until Glenn Youngkin chickened out. Youngkin became the first gubernatorial nominee to skip the Virginia Bar Association debate since 1985. In a testament to his Trumpian tendencies, Youngkin chose to attack the moderator, a highly respected veteran journalist, as his excuse. Now, Virginians are wondering: what is Glenn hiding?

At the VBA debate, Youngkin would have had to answer for a long list of far-right views, toxic allegiances, and dangerous policy proposals. Youngkin is too cowardly to debate Terry because he is afraid to answer Virginians’ questions about:

Though Youngkin refuses to offer policy specifics and runs away from reporters at his own events -- Virginians are constantly learning more about Glenn’s right-wing extremism, and it’s not a pretty picture. Youngkin’s disgraceful decision to skip the time-honored tradition VBA debate demonstrates that on top of being completely out of touch with Virginians, he is also a coward.

“Youngkin is running scared because he knows his far right agenda is wrong for Virginia; he just doesn’t have the courage to defend it,” said DPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder. “If he were prepared to explain himself, Youngkin would be debating Terry McAuliffe this week. Instead, he is cowering in fear of Virginians who just want to know what else he is hiding.”