May 5, 2022 News & Press Releases

Jarome Bell’s On Stage Moment at Mar-a-Lago

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA –The Democratic Party of Virginia would like to congratulate Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell for being invited onstage with his now close ally and friend, former President Donald Trump. 

In this heartfelt moment, twice impeached former President Trump invites America First endorsed candidate Jarome Bell on stage and said:

President Trump: “Who is against you in the Republican Primary?

Jarome Bell: “RINO Jen Kiggans is running against me.”

Crowd: “Boooooo!”

President Trump: It’s my honor…take a look at that [Jarome Bell’s campaign].

What does this mean for the already chaotic race-to-the-right Republican primary in Virginia's 2nd district? 

If you haven’t been following, Senator Jen Kiggans and America First endorsed candidate Jarome Bell have been trying to out-MAGA the other. The two candidates have fully embraced far-right conspiracy theories, going as far as “demanding the execution of election workers who disagree with his fraud fantasies” and voting to spend $70 million Virginia taxpayer dollars on false claims of election fraud.

“Is this the nail in the coffin for Sen. Kiggans primary campaign?” said DPVA spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “Jarome Bell has racked up the far-right’s endorsements and is now inching his way closer to the highly sought out Trump endorsement. Stay tuned as we follow along with this MAGA trainwreck.”