January 22, 2018 News & Press Releases

Kaine, Warner Take Lead In Ending #TrumpShutdown

by DPVA Press Office

Warner and Kaine take lead in ending #TrumpShutdown

Virginia's senators helped forge bipartisan compromise that will re-open government

Washington D.C - Thanks to the hard work and commitment of Virginia's Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, Donald Trump's shutdown of the United States government is coming to an end. Senators Kaine and Warner led a bipartisan group of twenty senators that "emerged as a primary force behind the effort to end the gridlock and reopen the government."

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker praised both senators, and the entire Virginia Democratic congressional delegation, for delivering for their constituents by averting a devastating long-term shutdown.

“With hundreds of thousands of military service-members and federal workers left in limbo and the threat of an extended government shutdown looming over Virginia, I could not be more grateful for the actions that Senators Warner and Kaine took to ensure the re-opening of our government,” DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker said. “While there is no question that Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, and congressional Republicans manufactured this crisis for what they perceived to be political gain, I am proud that our senators, and the rest of our Democratic congressional delegation, worked tirelessly to limit the damage Trump, Miller, and company could inflict. Thanks to their hard work, thousands of worried Virginians can breathe easy knowing they will still receive their next pay check."