January 25, 2022 News & Press Releases

NEW: Just Days After Youngkin Threatens to Defund Public Education, Youngkin Secretary of Finance Nominee Stephen Cummings Isn’t Aware of How Schools are Funded

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Cummings Claims School Funding Is Not In His “Swim Lane”

Richmond, VA —Following Governor Youngkin’s multiple threats to defund public schools, Secretary of Finance nominee Stephen Cummings said today in the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee hearing that discussions pertaining to school funding are not in his “swim lane.” 

Cumming’s inept and inadequate answers do nothing to provide parents with the clarity of knowing whether or not Governor Youngkin intends to defund their public school division. At a time when this administration’s illegal Executive Order has sent parents, school systems, and educators into chaos, the last thing Virginians need is further doubt that their children’s schools might be closed over lack of funding.

“Governor Youngkin ran on being the education Governor and a voice for parents across Virginia. In reality, he’s been the opposite,” said DPVA spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “In the first 10 days of his administration, he has sent school systems into chaos and left parents wondering if they have to choose between the safety of their children or their education. The continued threat to defund school systems, coupled with Cumming’s admission that he lacks the understanding to address parent’s concerns, is beyond troubling for Virginia families.”