July 29, 2020 News & Press Releases

New poll: Virginians support Northam’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump’s ineffective response

by Democratic Party of Virginia

RICHMOND — New polling from Hampton University shows that a majority of Virginians approve of the way Governor Northam is handling the COVID-19 pandemic while Donald Trump is receiving dismal marks from nearly three out of four people in the Commonwealth. The polling is consistent with other state polls showing Democratic governors receiving strong support from their constituents while Americans continue to turn against the President after his broken promises and ineffective response have led to nearly 150,000 dead and a recession that has put millions out of work. Some highlights from the Hampton University poll include: 

  • A majority of Virginians (54%) approve of Northam's handling of the response to the pandemic and a similar majority (59%) say he issued the stay-at-home order at the right time. 
  • Virginians strongly disapprove of how President Donald Trump is handling the pandemic. 73% say they disapprove of his response and 60% disapprove of the overall federal government's response. 
  • Virginians are largely listening to public health experts and changing their behavior to stay safe. 80% are avoiding gatherings of 50 people or more and wearing a mask in public. 74% are avoiding public or crowded spaces and keeping a 6-foot distance from others. And 61% are staying home as much as possible. This is just more proof that Republican candidates in Virginia who are undermining safety guidelines and holding events indoors without masks or social distancing are out of touch with the vast majority of Virginians who are trying to stay safe.