May 24, 2018 News & Press Releases

NEW REPORT: GOP/Trump health care sabotage will increase Virginians’ premiums by more than $1,300 per year

by DPVA Press Office

A GOP Senate candidates and Reps Comstock, Brat, Taylor, Garrett all supportive of Trump healthcare maneuvers that are costing Virginians $$$

RICHMOND, VA – A new report shows that Donald Trump's sabotage of the Affordable Care Act will cost the average Virginian over $1,300 on their annual healthcare premium. Republican U.S. Senate Candidates E.W. Jackson, Nick Freitas, and Corey Stewart, as well as Trump's congressional puppets, Representatives Barbara Comstock (VA-10), Dave Brat (VA-07), Scott Taylor (VA-02), and Tom Garrett (VA-05) have all fully supported Trump's actions, which have put his TrumpCare failure frustrations over both the physical and financial wellness of everyday Virginians.

According to the non-partisan Urban Institute study, the Trump administration has already "unnecessarily driven up 2018 premiums for ACA-compliant coverage." Even worse, with his recent actions, Trump has made sure that 2019 will be even more painful for the average Virginian. By sabotaging the ACA through canceling cost-sharing reduction payments and legalizing the extension of high-priced short term health care plans, among other hurtful schemes, Trump will make healthcare premiums rise nationally by 16% and in Virginia by an astounding 19%.

Simply put, because Donald Trump failed at passing his disastarous TrumpCare bill, he has decided to sabatoge the ACA and penalize every Virginian over $1,300 on their 2019 health care premium. Surely, Republican candidates for Senate in Virginia and the Commonwealth's Republican congressional delegation would be up in arms about Trump's premium hike on Virginians, right? WRONG.

E.W. Jackson, Nick Freitas, and Corey Stewart, the far-right challengers to U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, have all gone to great lengthts to show they will "run hand-in-hand with Trump". None of them have said a word in defense of Virginians' wellness and pocketbooks, but instead have cheered Trump as he drives up premium prices on hardworking people from Bristol to Arlington.

Endangered Members of Congress Barbara Comstock (VA-10), Dave Brat (VA-07), Scott Taylor (VA-02), and Tom Garrett (VA-05) have also gone along to get along with President Trump on the health care price-jacking. Instead of standing up to Trump and the pain he has caused Virginans, they have all heaped effusive praise on the President, voting with him at least 85% of the time. On the issue of Trump's health care sabatoge causing higher premiums for Virginians, they have been completely silent.

DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker called upon Virginia Republicans to stand up to the Trump healthcare sabatoge that is costing Virginians their hard earned money.

"Destructive Donald Trump was not able to pass his own health care bill, so he is taking his frustration out by sabatoging the ACA. His fit is costing the average Virginian $1,300 a year in increased premium costs. Will Virginia Republicans running for Senate and the Virginia Republican congressional delegation speak out against Trump and the pain he is causing the Commonwealth? Their silence so far has been defeaning - and costly."