September 17, 2021 News & Press Releases

NEW REPORT: Yet Another Study Finds Glenn Youngkin’s Tax Plan Would Be a Disaster for Virginia Jobs and Public Education

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — For the second week in a row, another analysis found that Glenn Youngkin’s extreme proposal to eliminate Virginia’s income tax would devastate public education in the Commonwealth.  

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, and U.S. Department of Energy, a new independent study found that Youngkin’s anti-education plan would cost Virginia 2.5 million jobs and $54 billion in lost aid to public schools over 10 years. 

The new report comes just a week after Virginia Excels found that Youngkin’s anti-education tax plan would cost Virginia $10 billion in public education funding per year and cut 43,000 educator positions. 

The NEA report found that over 10 years, Youngkin’s plan would cost Virginia:  

  • 2.5 million lost jobs 
  • $225 billion in lost personal income
  • $54 billion in lost aid to public schools
  • $218 billion in lost tax revenues

Youngkin’s agenda would drive businesses away from Virginia, and his economic plan would run Virginia "into a ditch,” according to the Washington Post. His policies would threaten public education and his far-right agenda would decimate Virginia’s economy and leave students behind. 

As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry McAuliffe created 200,000 good-paying jobs, announced over 1,000 economic development deals, grew personal income by 14%, and lowered unemployment in every single city and county, including by nearly 50% in most rural counties. Terry has a plan that will invest a record $2 billion annually in education, raise teacher pay above the national average for the first time in Virginia history and invest in the Commonwealth’s workforce in the post-COVID-19 economy.