January 31, 2022 News & Press Releases

NEW: Virginia Republicans Kill Legislation to Protect Sexual Assault Victims

by Democratic Party of Virginia

House GOP Members Kill HB 457, Which Would Have Protected VMI Assault Victims

Richmond, VA —Today House Republicans killed bipartisan legislation to protect sexual assault victims at Virginia Military Institute and would have encouraged more survivors to come forward. Virginia Republicans repeatedly have claimed they would stand up for survivors, but through their actions, it’s clear that Republicans want to play politics while Democrats will continue to fight for survivors of sexual assault. 

Virginia Democrats have long been committed to protecting and enhancing rights for victims of sexual assault. In the 2020 General Assembly, Virginia Democrats passed several laws providing significant aid to victims of these heinous crimes. From increasing the statute of limitations to ensure justice is served, to requiring the necessary and specific treatment for sexual assault survivors, Virginia Democrats will always stand with victims.

“It’s shameful that Republicans claim to stand tough against sexual assault, and then turn around and vote against survivors,” said Delegate Dan Helmer, the bill’s sponsor. “Actions speak louder than words — and this morning's vote shows exactly where the GOP's priorities are.”

Watch Delegate Dan Helmer's full remarks on HB 457 here.