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NEW: Webpage Tracks Gillespie’s Silence on Trump’s ‘Racist’ Comments

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia launched a webpage that exposes gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie's silence on Donald Trump and his racist comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel. On June 2nd, Donald Trump questioned Judge Curiel’s impartiality because his parents were born in Mexico. Republicans across the country denounced Trump, including Speaker Paul Ryan who said it was a “textbook definition of a racist comment.” On June 9th, Gillespie’s campaign was asked directly by the Washington Post to weigh in on Trump’s remarks and only provided a ‘no comment.’ With every day that passes, Virginians are left wondering if Gillespie will stand up to Trump's racism, endorse it like he has his candidacy, or quietly enable this behavior.

While many prominent Republicans have condemned Donald Trump’s racist remarks, Trump VA Chair and gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart has supported Trump's rhetoric and comments.

“Despite being asked directly by members of the press, Gillespie refused to denounce the same remarks that Paul Ryan called the ‘textbook definition of a racist comment,’" said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia. "We launched this webpage so Virginians could see just how long it takes Ed Gillespie to come clean and say if he stands by these comments made by someone he endorsed for president.”

Webpage: http://vademocrats.org/page-countdown/


On June 2nd, Trump said he was Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage was an “inherent conflict of interest” because the candidate was “building a wall.” Judge Curiel was born in Indiana.

On June 9th, Gillespie’s campaign was asked what the candidate thought of Trump’s remarks and declined to answer.

On June 15th, Gillespie to declined to participate in an interview regarding Donald Trump's visit to Richmond and implications for 2017.

Ed Gillespie said in a recent interview: “It’s very important that we help Donald Trump carry the Commonwealth."