February 2, 2017 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

The Numbers are in: Virginians Support Governor McAuliffe and the New Virginia Economy

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Today, Christopher Newport University’s Wason Center for Public Policy released a poll showing that a majority of Virginians support the McAuliffe Administration policy agenda and its work to create a new Virginia economy. Today’s poll is consistent with the last three majors polls released by Roanoke College, Quinnipiac, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce in its findings that show a majority of Virginians support of the McAuliffe Administration.

Job Approval:

  • 53% of Virginians believe that things in the Commonwealth are headed in the right direction. That compares with only 37% who feel that way about the direction of the country.
  • Governor McAuliffe’s approval rating stands at 55%, the highest it has been in Wason Center polling since he took office in January 2014.

Governor’s Policy Agenda

  • 91% of Virginia voters support the Governor’s initiative to allow DNA evidence in a review of a felony conviction any time it becomes available
  • 63% of Virginia voters support the Governor’s initiative to end the practice of suspending drivers’ licenses for unpaid court fees
  • 56% of Virginians said they support having online retailers with facilities in Virginia collect sales taxes for online purchases from Virginia residents (Q14).
  • 88% and 81% of Virginia voters support more solar panel “farms” and wind turbine “farms”
  • 53% of Virginia voters support the proposal to require every school district to offer virtual online learning options for K-12 students

Keeping Virginia Open and Welcoming

  • Virginia voters are overwhelmingly supportive of an executive order that requires state contractors and companies doing business with the state to ensure protections for gay and transgender people who work for them with 71% supportive and 21% opposed
  • 52% of Virginians oppose banning abortions after 20 weeks
  • 52% of Virginia voters want a replacement to the Affordable Care Act ready before it is repealed
  • If the law is repealed without a replacement, 58% of voters say that Virginia should have a plan in place to help those who are left without health insurance
  • 92% of Virginia voters want to continue to require insurers to cover pre-existing conditions. 83% want to continue to allow children to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26.