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One week from Super Tuesday: Who do Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Candidates support for President?

by Democratic Party of Virginia

With exactly one week until the March 1st Presidential Primary in Virginia, two likely candidates for Governor, Ed Gillespie and Rob Wittman have yet to announce who they support for President. Meanwhile, expected candidates Ken Cuccinelli and Corey Stewart proudly stump for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, respectively. 
The most aggressive candidate for the Republican nomination in Virginia, Ed Gillespie, has taken to the airwaves repeatedly to discuss the viability of Republican candidates, but he has refused to say who he will support. The other established candidate, Congressman Rob Wittman, has yet to share his opinion on the upcoming race.
"Candidates who seek the highest office in Virginia should let voters know who they support," said Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia.  "If they share a candidate's values, they should be proudly voice their support given that they have just a few days until they cast their votes. There's a lot of extreme rhetoric and harmful ideas for the middle class, women, and minorities in the Republican Presidential nominating contest right now, and Virginians deserve to know where Gillespie and Wittman stand."
Former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who has said he will wait until after the Presidential election to announce a campaign for governor, endorsed Senator Ted Cruz's campaign early.  In December of 2015, Cuccinelli praised Cruz in the Washington Post as “someone who is committed to protecting life and family and their privacy in our society, who knows the judiciary. Senator Cruz clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist, not Justice Kennedy, not Justice Ginsburg.” And he's been featured on numerous cable news shows as a surrogate for the Cruz campaign.
Meanwhile Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart is the Virginia chairman for Donald Trump.  He announced his support when the presidential hopeful came to Manassas and then took the lead in blasting the Republican Party of Virginia over the controversial loyalty oath required of convention voters.
Republican hopeful Governor John Kasich was in Richmond yesterday.  Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Cruz, and Donald Trump will be in Virginia Beach later this week.

Ken Cuccinelli: Endorsed Ted Cruz
Corey Stewart: Endorsed Donald Trump
Ed Gillespie: ?
Rob Wittman: ?

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