July 29, 2021 News & Press Releases

Republican House of Delegates Candidate Makes Appalling Antisemitic Remarks During “Educators For Youngkin” Event

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Glenn Youngkin is top donor for antisemitic Republican Julie Perry

Richmond, VA — Julie Perry, a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates and vocal Glenn Youngkin supporter, compared the experience of being a conservative teacher in Virginia to the plight of European Jews under Nazi Germany during a recent “Educators For Youngkin” event. 

“To come out and say that you’re a teacher on the right is almost as dangerous as...going through Germany in the 1930s and saying ‘I’m Jewish.’ It’s gotten that bad,” said Perry. Youngkin is Perry’s top campaign funder, contributing $3,000 to her race through his Virginia Wins PAC. 

Perry’s antisemitic comments are just the latest example of Youngkin associating himself with the most extreme and hateful wing of his party. He earned the endorsement of Corey Stewart — known for his ties to white nationalist groups — during the GOP primary. He campaigned alongside Amanda Chase, who has argued in favor of maintaining Confederate monuments to preserve “white history.” And Youngkin has pledged his complete allegiance to Donald Trump — even refusing to condemn Trump’s role in the January 6 insurrection.  

Perry’s comments aren’t even the first time Virginia Republicans have spouted antisemitism this year. Virginia RNC committee member Patricia Lyman made news in February for comparing Donald Trump’s impeachment to a Nazi show trial. 

“Minimizing the Holocaust is inexcusable, and Perry’s antisemitic comments have sadly become the norm for Virginia Republicans. By embracing Corey Stewart and standing by Donald Trump no matter what, feckless Republicans like Glenn Youngkin have only emboldened the most bigoted wing of the GOP,” said Democratic Party of Virginia Communications Director Grant Fox. “Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia House Republican Caucus must condemn these remarks and end their support of Perry’s campaign. Otherwise, Virginians will have no choice but to interpret their silence as an endorsement of her antisemitism.”