March 2, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Republican Races in Flux after Trump Wins Virginia

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Virginia Republicans hoping to get elected in 2016 and 2017 are in flux after Trump swept Virginia in last night's primary. Virginia Republicans are now forced to re-evaluate their positions, endorsements, and loyalties as the front-runner gains momentum throughout the country.  
Here are a few key examples: 
Barbara Comstock (VA-10): She has one of the most vulnerable Republican seats in Congress, and her district is very diverse with one of the highest concentrations of Muslim Americans in the Capital region. Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from coming to the U.S. is certain to cause issues for Comstock's re-election bid.
Ed Gillespie: He refused to endorse a candidate for political reasons, and Karl Rove, Gillespie's good friend and co-founder of dark money machine Crossroads GPS, has been doing everything in his power to turn the tide against Trump.  Gillespie's reason for NOT endorsing a candidate was so he'd be able to work for the eventual nominee. That’s quite a dodge for someone who hopes to carry the GOP’s banner in 2017. 
Rep. Rob Wittman: During an interview with Radio IQ, Wittman demurred when asked who he supports for president, claiming that it would be good for the nation to have the contests undecided for a while. With his own House Speaker Paul Ryan publicly denouncing Trump, will Wittman back him up? 
Ken Cuccinelli: With the Cruz campaign in flux, likely gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Today he labeled Virginia's Rubio supporters "government Republican voters," as he tries to spin Cruz's loss in Virginia. But we already know Cuccinelli is firmly in line with many of Trump's policies - especially his attitude toward women and minorities.