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Rigell Attempts To Hand Off His Seat, But VA-02 Rejects Forbes

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Moments ago, Congressman Scott Rigell and Congressman Randy Forbes attempted to orchestrate a political transfer-of-power when Rigell endorsed Forbes for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

A career politician since 1990, the thought of losing his place as a Washington Insider on Capitol Hill has Forbes in panic mode. And with Rigell’s blessing, Forbes announced today that he will abandon Virginia’s 4th Congressional District to run for Rigell’s seat in Virginia’s 2nd  Congressional District. There’s just one obstacle to Forbes’ cynical scheme to remain a creature of Washington: the residents of VA-02 have been loud and clear in their rejection of Forbes.

“Congressman Randy Forbes’ desperate plan to remain in Washington goes against the values of commitment, dedication, and service that communities in Virginia’s Second Congressional District live by each and every day,” said Emily Bolton, of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “The hard working people of Virginia’s Second Congressional District want to be represented by someone from their community who will do the right thing when it comes to protecting military families, the environment, and economic development – not a self-serving opportunist like Forbes.”

Whether it’s the fact that Forbes sided with predatory lenders over military families , or that he simply cannot stand the thought of losing his Congressional seat – so much so that he’ll bring his flawed priorities and Washington Dysfunction from Virginia’s 4th to Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District – Virginians have been loud and clear in opposition.

See for yourself: 

The Virginian-Pilot: Del. Scott Taylor's robocalls urge thousands in Chesapeake to tell Forbes to stay put

“State Del. Scott Taylor went directly to U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes’ Republican supporters in Chesapeake earlier this week, sponsoring more than 5,500 automated calls urging the voters to tell Forbes to run for re-election in his hometown rather than switch to the nearby 2nd Congressional District.”

The Virginian-Pilot: Letter  from Chesapeake Resident– Randy Forbes can go ahead and leave

“I have lived in the Riverwalk section of Chesapeake for more than 20 years. Most of my friends are Republican. I consider myself an independent. I have never met Randy Forbes and wouldn’t know him if I passed him on the street. Now that he is going to have to campaign and make a serious effort to return to Congress, it looks like he is going to run to the 2nd District like a scared rabbit. To make it worse, Scott Rigell says he will support him — even without hearing what the other individuals running, men or women, may be thinking.”

The Virginian-Pilot: Randy Forbes isn't owed a seat in Congress

“Forbes’ lackluster ranking notes that none of his 10 bills in the 2013-14 session even received action in committee. [..] Congressional service should be more than an ego boost or an outlet for personal ambition. That should be true for all 535 office-holders in the House and Senate – including Forbes.”