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Trump in Leesburg: Barbara Comstock’s Worst Nightmare

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is stuck between a rock and a hard place as Trump rallies in her backyard this evening. The problem spells disaster for her reelection campaign: voters in the 10th Congressional District don't buy her un-endorsement of Trump, and her right-wing base sees it as a reason to reject her. Read more here:

  • VA-10 Voters who reject Donald Trump see Comstock's un-endorsement for what it is: political self-interest. An October 13th poll showed "a majority (57%) of voters say Barbara Comstock’s announcement that she will not support Donald Trump shows that she will do what is in her political self-interest." [Expedition Strategies, 10/13/2016]
  • Right wing bloggers believe that Trump's supporters will reject Comstock: "Many Trump supporters were furious when Comstock came out strongly against Trump saying he should leave the race.  Those Trump supporters will not vote for Barbara Comstock. They have been very vocal on social media in their opposition to Comstock following her denunciation of Trump." [Bull Elephant, 10/15/2016]
  • Party insiders have noted that Comstock has alienated her base. Trump's Virginia Chairman John Fredericks said, "you can only sell out your base so much..." noting that he does not believe Trump's supporters will vote for Comstock [Via Twitter, 10/27/2016]
  • Any way you roll the dice - Trump's Leesburg visit is Comstock's worst nightmare: "...not helping in the final days of the race is a planned last-minute campaign stop by Trump Sunday night in Leesburg" [NPR, 11/6/2016]

"Whether it's refusing to comment on Trump or falsely claiming that she's bipartisan, voters see Barbara Comstock for who she is: a political operative who will do and say anything to get elected," - Emily Bolton, Communications Director of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA)

ASSOCIATED EVENT: Press Conference in Response to Trump's visit

WHO: LuAnn Bennett, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer

WHEN: Sunday, November 6, 4:30 PM

WHERE: Leesburg Democratic Coordinated Campaign office, 101 Loudoun St, Leesburg, VA

RSVP: Robert Howard at