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VA Co-Chairman of Trump Campaign on Republicans’ Refusal to Expand Medicaid: “We were wrong, you were right. There’s not even an argument now.”

by Christina Freundlich

John Fredericks Says Virginia Republicans Were Wrong Not To Expand Medicaid; Ed Gillespie and Frank Wagner Want To Go Further Than Trumpcare

Yesterday leading conservative radio host and the Virginia Co-Chairman of the Trump campaign John Fredericks asked Governor McAuliffe to join him on his show following the announcement of the House Trumpcare bill. Fredericks conceded that regardless of the bill’s outcome, Virginia Republicans were wrong not to expand Medicaid, costing the Commonwealth billions.

This also comes when news broke that Ed Gillespie and Frank Wagner are backing Medicaid block grants -- a plan that’s even worse than what’s in the GOP health care overhaul. Medicaid block grants would impose federal cuts that would shift costs to states and eliminate critical health services for elderly, disabled and low income Virginians. Block granting Medicaid would cause even more extreme cuts than Donald Trump's and Republicans' plan in Congress.

John Fredericks (0:07):

“We have a new nickname for you that I’m going to roll out today, #GovernorTerryMcGenius. You’re a genius on Medicaid expansion, you were right, I was wrong. You were absolutely correct because now what we’re finding out, is that no matter what the replacement plan for Obamacare, those states that expanded Medicaid are going to continue to get funded, perhaps in perpetuity just like you argued for 36 months.”

Governor McAuliffe highlighted that he had negotiated a waiver ensuring Virginia would never be financially liable and that by refusing to expand Medicaid, Virginia Republicans have cost the commonwealth $10.4 billion.

Governor McAuliffe:

“It’s unfortunate that as we sit here today we have forfeited in Virginia, Virginia taxpayers should know this, we have lost $10.4 billion as of today. I could have created up to 30,000 new jobs. I could have saved hospitals and clinics. Would have had more money for the opioid addiction crisis and mental health and 400,000 Virginians would have gotten health care. The point I always make, from day one, we could structure this program, take the federal money, it’s our taxes dollars we’re getting back. We could structure it in a way, I got a waiver. It would never touch the state financially. So why wouldn't you bring this money back?”

While acknowledging the $10.4 billion Republicans have cost the Commonwealth, Fredericks pointed out that the because Virginia failed to expand Medicaid, it will also forfeit the funds that expansion states will receive going forward.

John Fredericks (6:25):

“We were wrong, you were right. There’s not even an argument now.

"What bothers me now is not only the $10.4 billion of taxpayer money that we could have had back that went somewhere else. But we’re not going to get anything going forward either. So we’re getting screwed on two ends.”

When Virginians go the polls in November, they will need to decide if they want to re-hire the men and women who disregarded the health of 400,000 people and sacrificed $10.4 billion all in the name of politics.


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