August 15, 2019 News & Press Releases

Virginia Crime Commission Chairman Mark Obenshain Has Dark History Of Staunch Opposition To Gun Safety Legislation

by Democratic Party of Virginia


VA Republicans cut and run on gun violence prevention after 90 minutes; Punted to Crime Commission whose Chairman is NRA hatchet man Mark Obenshain; Crime Commission meets Monday 

RICHMOND, VA - In a brazen act of political cowardice, Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly cut and ran after 90 minutes of the special legislative session to address gun violence in the wake of the Virginia Beach shooting, and sent 60 gun control bills filed for the session to the Virginia Crime Commission to be studied. 

The Crime Commission is scheduled to meet to discuss the bills on Monday and Tuesday, but the Chairman of the Crime Commission, Republican Senator Mark Obenshain, has a career-long track record of doing the NRA’s bidding, supporting dangerous gun legislation and opposing common sense safety measures. Obenshain’s position is a sign that the Commission's leadership will not be taking the recent gun legislation seriously, and it’s worth looking back at Senator Obenshain’s abysmal record on gun safety: 

  • CRIME COMMISSION CHAIRMAN OBENSHAIN voted for a bill (SB 1035) that allowed guns in alcohol serving establishments.
  • CRIME COMMISSION CHAIRMAN OBENSHAIN voted against a bill (SB 1257) that would require background checks on buyers at gun shows. In total, Obenshain has voted against expanding background checks for gun buyers over a dozen times.
  • CRIME COMMISSION CHAIRMAN OBENSHAIN received an A rating from the NRA in his 2011, 2013, and 2015 elections.
  • CRIME COMMISSION CHAIRMAN OBENSHAIN voted for a bill (SB1364) to allow guns in child day care centers. 

Obenshain made his opposition to all gun safety measures crystal clear this year when he said that Virginia legislators would be doing the people they serve “a grave disservice” if they supported a gun control bill. 

“In the wake of recent mass shootings in Virginia Beach, Texas, and Ohio, the need for serious gun control legislation in Virginia is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, Republicans in Virginia aren’t up to the task. They have enlisted NRA hatchet man Mark Obenshain to try to make sure nothing comes of the gun control legislation they’re so afraid to take up. A shame.” said DPVA Press Secretary Grant Fox.