April 22, 2022 News & Press Releases

Virginia Democrats Outraise Virginia Republicans Across the Board

by Democratic Party of Virginia

During Gov. Youngkin’s First Few Months in Office, Virginia Democrats Show Signs of Strength

Richmond, VA –During Governor Youngkin’s first several months of office, Virginia Democrats outraised Virginia Republicans across the board. In a show of strength, the fundraising numbers paint a clear picture – ‘Republican momentum” has stalled while Virginians are rejecting Governor Youngkin’s far-right agenda and showing support for our Democratic delegation. 

Here is the breakdown of Democrats out fundraising Republicans this past quarter:


House Democrats outraised House GOP 11 to 1

House Democratic Caucus

$274,174 raised

$179, 888 on hand 

House Republican Campaign Committee

$24,915 raised

$49,818 on hand


Senate Democrats outraised GOP almost 3 to 1 

Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus

$242,576 raised

$589,876 on hand 

Virginia Senate Republican Caucus 

$87,851 raised 

$612,274 on hand 


DPVA outraised the RPV almost 4 to 1

Democratic Party of Virginia 

$125,663 raised

$382,639 on hand 

Republican Party of Virginia

$35,014 raised 

$7,509 on hand

“Virginia Democrats have sent a clear message to Governor Youngkin and Republicans this quarter – we are still here and we’re fired up,” said DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker. “These numbers speak for themselves, ‘Republican momentum’ has stalled and Virginians are rejecting the Governor’s far-right antics across the board. Virginia Democrats are ready to fight tooth and nail against all Republican attempts to reverse our progress.”