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Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates at RNC Dodge the Elephant in the Room

by Democratic Party of Virginia

It may be only three days into the Republican National Convention, but we've seen more than enough racism, anti-immigration rhetoric and even flagrant white supremacy. But what we haven't heard is equally unsettling: Rebuke from Virginia Republicans - specifically gubernatorial candidates who seek to represent an increasingly diverse Commonwealth. Ed Gillespie and Congressman Rob Wittman have repeatedly refused to condemn Trump's rhetoric and policies, even as high profile Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan referred to Trump's comments as textbook racism.

"Virginians deserve principled leaders who will take a stand against racism and bigotry, yet Ed Gillespie and Rob Wittman have opted to stay silent. It begs the question: what are Ed Gillespie and Rob Wittman afraid of? " - Emily Bolton, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Virginia.


On June 2nd, Trump said he was Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage was an “inherent conflict of interest” because the candidate was “building a wall.” Judge Curiel was born in Indiana.

On June 9th, Gillespie’s campaign was asked what the candidate thought of Trump’s remarks and declined to answer.

On June 15th, Gillespie to declined to participate in an interview regarding Donald Trump's visit to Richmond and implications for 2017.

On June 18th, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam called out Ed Gillespie and Rob Wittman's silence during a speech at Democrats' state convention.

Ed Gillespie said in a recent interview: “It’s very important that we help Donald Trump carry the Commonwealth."

It's been 48 days since Gillespie failed to tell Virginia voters where he stands on the racist remarks of the presidential candidate he will support.