July 20, 2021 News & Press Releases

Virginia Is Building Back Better Thanks to President Biden

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Six months into Joe Biden's term, Virginia is on track towards a strong pandemic recovery

Richmond, VA — Today marks the six month anniversary of President Biden taking office and Virginians are already seeing the results of Democrats' historic agenda as the commonwealth builds back better. 

Polls show working families are optimistic and overwhelmingly support the President’s plans to continue investing in America. Two-thirds of Americans say Biden is doing a good job handling the pandemic, a majority say the new Child Tax Credit boost will help their family, and nearly three out of five Americans approve of the job President Biden is doing. 

“After just six months in office, President Biden and Democrats are achieving major results: economic growth is up, unemployment is down, and America is roaring back thanks to Democratic leadership. With checks in pockets, shots in arms, and huge middle-class tax cuts, President Biden is delivering on his promises to the American people. Despite far-right Republicans like Glenn Youngkin opposing the American Rescue Plan, Democrats are going to continue tackling the issues Virginians care most about, from investing in infrastructure and public eduction to reducing the cost of child care and getting Virginians back to work,” said DPVA Chair Susan Swecker. 

Here’s a look at just a few of President Biden and Democrats’ accomplishments since taking office:

  • COVID-19: The Biden administration has administered more than 315 million shots, a feat that has helped cut COVID-19 deaths by 92 percent since January. Thanks to Democratic leadership, Virginia met President Biden's goal of getting over 70% of adults vaccinated before July 4. 
  • Tax Cuts: President Biden cut taxes for middle-class families with children, so that eligible families are now receiving up to a $3,600 tax credit per child. Virginians are already benefitting from the Child Tax Credit boost, with families of over 1.5 million Virginia children expected to get relief to help them pay the bills, afford child care, and more. 
  • American Rescue Plan: President Biden and Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan which sped up vaccine distribution, and will help fund rural broadband expansionrelief for small businessesschool improvements, and other programs Virginians rely on. 
  • Checks: The Biden administration has delivered $1,400 checks to more than 169 million Americans, including more than 5 million Virginians. 
  • Jobs: The U.S. economy added more than three million jobs since President Biden took office, going from creating 60,000 jobs per month to 60,000 jobs every three days. Thanks to Democrats, Virginia's unemployment rate is significantly lower than the national rate. 
  • Health Care: The Biden administration cut premiums for those who get health coverage from the Affordable Care Act; four in five now can get plans for $10/month. More than two million people have signed up for coverage during special enrollment.