February 17, 2021 News & Press Releases

Virginia Republicans Continue Opposing Voting Rights as they Double Down on Trumpism

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — This week, as Virginia prepares to become the first state in the South to pass its own Voting Rights Act, Virginia Republicans are doubling down on the extremist, antidemocratic tendencies that define the party of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Virginia GOP is working to avoid a primary and have party insiders pick their nominees. As state Republicans across the country do everything in their power to make it more difficult to vote in future elections, in Virginia, every Republican candidate for governor is following their lead.

Republican frontrunner Amanda Chase has led the charge by calling for Donald Trump to declare martial law after losing the presidential election, attending the insurrectionist rally on January 6th, and calling the Capitol rioters “patriots.” Kirk Cox, who once again voted against protecting and expanding Virginians’ voting rights, is following Chase’s lead and further demonstrating that he wants to govern as a far right ideologue. 

Fox News talking head Pete Snyder “absolutely” supports the Donald Trump agenda, believes “ballot security” is “cultural for Republicans,” and has put Ken Cuccinelli in charge of his campaign’s “ballot integrity measures.” Out of touch Glenn Youngkin is pandering for a seat at the MAGA table with his newly founded “election integrity task force.”

"The Virginia GOP has been steadily marching towards the extreme for a long time, and the current field of candidates further proves this sad reality every day,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “The fact that the entire GOP field is singing to the same Trumpian tune of election conspiracies makes every one of these weak candidates unfit to lead.”