October 6, 2020 News & Press Releases

Virginia Republicans held events without masks or social distancing days after Trump tested positive for COVID-19

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Immediately after President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and the White House faced widespread criticism for holding an event that multiple people who later tested positive attended without masks or social distancing, Virginia Republicans held several events without key COVID safety precautions in place.

The events follow a consistent pattern of Virginia Republicans putting politics over the health and safety of their voters, holding fundraising and campaign events without any regard for safety measures. 

In Virginia Beach, Republican Scott Taylor held a fundraising event with Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw where attendees gathered closely without masks. At a fundraising event earlier in the week, Taylor gave a speech sowing doubt in scientists' health recommendations. "When you hear Democrats hit people over the head — 'listen to the scientists' — well which ones? Which ones? The ones that say masks, the ones that say no masks?" asked Taylor, giving the false impression that there is no clear guidance from health experts on mask usage. 

Delegate Glenn Davis, running for Lieutenant Governor, also held a fundraiser nearby without masks or social distancing on Sunday evening. 

In Virginia's 7th Congressional District, Republican Delegate Nick Freitas held a similar event with Crenshaw. Even worse, his event was indoors. He followed up with another event the next day where photos show nobody wearing a mask. 

Not to be outdone, Republican Bob Good in VA-5 held several dangerous events this weekend, including one indoors where attendees were eating and drinking in close quarters. Earlier in the week Good made news for posting a picture of himself posing with Senator Mike Lee, who tested positive for COVID the following day, and then failing to respond to reporters' questions about when the photo was taken. 

"Scott Taylor, Nick Freitas, and Bob Good did nothing to make sure their events were safe after they all watched Donald Trump and those around him fall sick because they ignored basic public health measures. Putting politics above public safety is exactly what created this crisis in the first place. With hundreds of new COVID cases every day in Virginia, this behavior is beyond careless, it's downright dangerous," said DVPA Communications Director Grant Fox.