May 10, 2021 News & Press Releases

Virginia Republicans Nominate Pro-Trump Extremist Glenn Youngkin for Governor

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today, after months of brutal infighting and a disastrous rigged convention, Republican insiders have nominated pro-Trump extremist Glenn Youngkin for governor. Youngkin’s nomination is just the latest sign that the Virginia GOP has been fully overtaken by Donald Trump’s dangerous extremism — and that this sprint to the far right will only continue in the general election.

In response to Glenn Youngkin’s nomination for governor, the Democratic Party of Virginia released the following statement from Chairwoman Susan Swecker:

“In Glenn Youngkin, the Virginia GOP has nominated a far-right extremist who has demonstrated total allegiance to Donald Trump. Throughout this campaign, Youngkin has advanced Trump’s dangerous election conspiracy theories, opposed critical COVID-19 relief for working families and small businesses, and threatened to gut Virginians’ health care. 

Virginians have repeatedly rejected Trump’s dangerous extremism — and this November, they will reject Glenn Youngkin too.”