August 1, 2016 News & Press Releases · Press Releases and Announcements

Virginia Republicans Refuse to Condemn Trump for Insulting a Virginia Gold Star Family

by Democratic Party of Virginia

An increasing number of Republican leaders like Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Senator Kelly Ayotte have publicly condemned Trump for his attacks on a Gold Star family from Virginia. 
However, Virginia Republicans have remained silent or have refused to condemn Trump's comments about a Gold Star family in their own state. 

Gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock released statements in response to Trump's comments, yet they refused to condemn Trump himself. 
Other gubernatorial candidates Congressman Rob Wittman and Corey Stewart have remained silent all together. 
“It's disgraceful that Virginia Republicans refuse to condemn Trump's attacks on a Virginia military family,"  said Emily Bolton, Communications Director for the Virginia Democratic Party. "Anything short of a full-blown rebuke of Donald Trump and his most offensive comments reveals true cowardice.  If they won't stand up against someone who attacks a Virginia military family, how can we trust them to lead in the Commonwealth?" 
Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin explains how anything short of condemnation of Trump is harmful:
"That’s [expressing concern] not the point. They know this but they are abdicating moral leadership because they cannot possibly justify their support of Trump. In their silence, they condone Trump and stand with him. They should be standing with the Khans."