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Virginia Republicans Remain Silent While Dems Continue Fighting for Virginians

by Democratic Party of Virginia

This week illustrates a notable trend in Virginia: Democrats are out front fighting for Virginians, and Republicans are desperately scrambling to deal with Trump and hiding from issues affecting the Commonwealth. Republicans' strategy? Avoid hard questions at all costs. 
See for yourself: 
Turning the tide on guns: A Richmond Times-Dispatch op-ed by Professor Harry Wilson applauded Governor McAuliffe's historic gun deal, noting that he "changed the landscape of the debate." 
Herring fights against climate change and domestic violence: Earlier in the week, Attorney General Mark Herring joined a historic coalition of state attorneys general to combat climate change. Herring also helped local police departments respond to domestic violence scenarios by providing innovative training and cell phones to coordinate with trained domestic violence professionals.
Governor McAuliffe standing up for VirginiansThis week, Governor McAuliffe vetoed several extreme Republican bills that would have dramatically and negatively affected the course of history in Virginia. 
Of note, a New York Magazine article deemed McAuliffe a "Hero Governor" for preserving funding to Planned Parenthood. We think Virginia women agree. 
Meanwhile, in North Carolina: With a full-blown business backlash in North Carolina over an anti-LGBT Bill, Virginians are left wondering what a Republican Governor in Virginia would do in a similar situation. Likely candidates Ed Gillespie and Rob Wittman have been silent on the issue. Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said it best:
  • “Gov. McAuliffe has shown true leadership in vetoing this bill that would have enshrined discrimination in state law,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Freedom of religion is already protected under the First Amendment and we are grateful to have a strong, pro-equality leader in the Governor’s office. Would Republicans like Rob Wittman and Ed Gillespie issue the same veto to ensure Virginians can live free from fear of discrimination? While Virginia still lacks a statewide non-discrimination law, Gov. McAuliffe’s veto sends an important signal about the importance of fairness and equal treatment for all under the law.”
  • Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam praised the veto and McAuliffe's leadership for preventing Virginia from becoming next North Carolina, noting that it "shows Virginians the difference that having the right Governor makes."
Silence on Trump: Virginia Republicans have refused to condemn Donald Trump for his abhorrent comments on abortion and other issues. During an interview with NBC12 in Richmond, DPVA blasted Trump calling his comments, "appalling." Reporter Mike Valerio noted that "Republicans in Richmond, are largely staying quiet." You can see the clip here.  
Barbara Comstock scrambling: What will Barbara Comstock do about her Trump problem? She quietly returned a $3,000 Trump donation but still refuses to say if she'll support him when he secures the nomination. Comstock is widely considered one of the most vulnerable members of Congress and yesterday on MSNBC, host Chuck Todd singled out Comstock as a “vulnerable Republican” likely to be “weighed down by Trump’s baggage."
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WATCH Chuck Todd's segment highlighting vulnerable Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock.