February 1, 2021 News & Press Releases

Virginia Republicans Sprint to the Right, Fight to Prove Support for Donald Trump

by Democratic Party of Virginia

Richmond, VA — It's becoming increasingly clear that the Virginia GOP gubernatorial primary will hinge on one question: Who supports the Donald Trump agenda the most?

Republican candidates are clamoring to prove their far right credentials in this brutal primary. With Donald Trump firmly in charge of their party, the candidates will have to tell Virginians whether or not they support the key tenets of Trumpism, including:

  • Attacks on American Democracy— Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to undermine democracy and corrupt our elections, which led to the deadly Capitol insurrection on January 6th.
  • Opposition to COVID Relief— The Trump administration’s opposition to providing relief to small businesses, schools, essential workers, and healthcare professionals on the front lines of this pandemic.
  • Inhumane Family Separations — The Trump Administration’s horrific policy of forcibly separating young children from their families at the border.
  • Efforts to Destroy the Affordable Care Act — The fight to gut protections for Virginians with pre-existing conditions and leave over 23 million Americans uninsured.
  • The Trump Tax Giveaway — The massive tax giveaway that increased the debt in order to disproportionately benefit huge corporations and the likes of Glenn Youngkin and Pete Snyder.
  • Environmental Recklessness — Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord and remove pollution protections for the Chesapeake Bay, making Virginians’ air and water less clean and less safe.
  • NRA Sponsored Gun Policy— Donald Trump’s four years of caving to special interests and failing to address the epidemic of gun violence in America.

“While none of these key Trump policies are popular, support for all of them is a requirement in order to win the Republican nomination,” said Manuel Bonder, DPVA spokesman. “From the deadly attack on our Capitol to the horrific, inhumane family separation policy — Virginia Republicans must take a stand on the key elements of the Donald Trump agenda.”